Directions:  Are you up for A Positive  Tik Tok Dance Challenge? We are looking for someone who wants to promote positivity by doing a Tik Tok dance. Promoting positivity is why our brand was created and that why we are doing this challenge. 


  • Fill out the form below

  • Download the song 15 or 30 sec 

  • Post your dance move on Instagram and tag @officialposwear

  • DM us your dance move on instagram @officialposwear

  • Follow @officialposwear on Instagram

  • Post your dance on tiktok and follow us on tiktok @poswear


1st place: Free store item up to 20.00

2nd place: 50% off any item 

3rd place: Free Sticker 

Contest ends 11/10/2020

Dance Challenge Form

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